"Crazy For You" the 16 page full colour comic downloadable PDF version.

from Venus de Vilo

Venus is most proud to present her very FIRST hand-drawn, 16 page, full colour comic "Crazy For You". NOW available to download on line as a PDF file! (For those who loathe and fear paper!)

Drawn in a strange and unique style, Crazy For You is the story of an obsessive love triangle between a 1920s silver screen idol, (Vlad Valentine) his fiancee, (Little Miss Perfect) and his psychotic stalker (Venus de Vilo) gone cannibalistically and HORRIBLY wrong.
Adapted from her song and music video of the same name.
Expect LOTS of blood, boobs and beyond-the-grave humour! And more BLOOD. There's a lot of blood. Like.. LOADS.

*** In order to receive the downloadable PDF version, if you could please leave your e-mail address in the shipping address box when ordering and you will receive the comic in an e-mail later that day, available to download! Along with a sneaky little "bonus prize" !!! ;) ***

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