Edgar Allan Ho (2012)

by Venus de Vilo



The debut EP of the Voice of Horror. Sleepy hollow heartbreak, tragic circus love, Jack the Ripper, Sweeney Todd, Frankensteins, Cyanide laced tea, demons, the apocalips, lesbian vampires, straight jacket kisses, pumpkins.


released October 27, 2012

Venus de Vilo. Darren Tormey. Michelle Mooney, Lisa Tiffany Gellar. Temple Lane rehearsal studio.



all rights reserved
Track Name: Heartless Horseman
Music, lyrics, arrangement: Venus de Vilo. © 2011
Chorus [as intro]
Well I don't just haunt on Halloween,
all year round nightmare queen,
keep your pumpkin heads,
I'm searching for my heart instead.
Verse one:
A curse born of death, Love's dark legend,
an endless seeking, the phantom beating,
bloody and alone, my ghost rose to roam,
from Hell with vengeance eyes,
the Heartless Horseman rides.
Ooooh . . .
Verse two:
Gallop gallop, restless night, hooves and whores, my disguise,
lovehearts- reap and sew, their pain slays my own,
constant thirst, wounds to fill, imagine Him with every kill,
Ooooh . . .
Verse three:
In pumpkin patches you will find,
He who carved this crooked smile,
on His knees to me returned,
the aortal organ I so yearn . . .
MY curse lives on beyond His death,
MY myth, the fear, forever spread.
Track Name: Ringmaster
The acrobats fall from the sky
Like I fell for Him,
Ringmaster of oblivion
In a circus of sin,
To tame His heart,
I've braved lions,
And eaten fire..

Roll up! Roll up! Never Enough,
I've done everything, for His touch..

Courtesan to the clowns,
is all you, see me as,
Soon in my grasp.

Swinging from a trapeze
Says you, where I should be,
Not knocking on your door
Nightly like some freak show whore.
So you want to see me fly?
Well then, have your wish,
I'll prove I'm worth it..

Roll up! Roll up! Marvel in fright,
No safety net, Just nails tonight..

Watch me fly, watch me fly,
I'll make you love me,
Watch me fly..

I'm falling, falling, to the ground,
My last sight, a screaming crowd,
Finally it's me you're holding,
As I lay impaled in the ring,
That you commanded so well,
Like my heart that now bets in Hell...
Track Name: Miss Frankenstein
She's alive! She's vile! Miss Frankenstein,
Heartless scientist crossed the line,
Monstrous love lab, doomed humanity,
The B- Movie bitch that shouldn't be,
Bolts and scars- no human trace,
Plan 666 she's escaped.

She's alive, she's vile, Miss frankenstein,
Alive and vile Miss Frankenstein,
Miss Frankenstein, Miss Frankenstein..

This burning city now Her slave,
A hungry horror, night screams craved,
In Her veins- what didn't kill,
Cross Her glory and guts will spill,
Chains of love, left on the slab,
Guest of honour at the monster mash!

Build a monster- tear it down . . . .

Grab your pitch forks gather 'round,
Chase the beast from outta town,
Grab your pitchforks, burn Her down,
But you can't keep a vile bitch down!
Track Name: Penny Dreadful Love
Lost I wander dark alleys
Of infamous villainy,
You hunter of innocence
Emerge from the fog,
Charm, your sharpest knife
Drag my heart, where I can't find.

You are Hyde, Jack the Ripper, Sweeney Todd,
Sweetest killer..

Ours is a Penny Dreadful Love,
A shocking tale, horror hearts,
Read read, read all about it,
Let us tear you apart.

A love built on coffins,
Paint one pink for me,
Straight jacket kisses,
Cyanide laced tea,
I wouldn't escape if I could,
You are my opium.

Little girl, little girl, Nice as pie,
Kissed the boy and made Him die.
I will leave you dead on my floor,
I will take 'til there is no more,
I will taste every drop of your love,
I will drain every ounce of your love.

I am Hyde, Jack the Ripper, Sweeney Todd,
Sweetest killer..

Penny Dreadful Love.
Track Name: Carmilla's Return
You can't kill the dead,
I'm coming back for you,
Carmilla's Return.

Forgotten, but not gone,
Lust silenced, still strong,
Light trickles through this grave,
As I make my escape.

In shadows where you walk,
Your footsteps I'll stalk,
Invade your dreams, scream my name-
Memories will get the blame.

From my kiss, none can save,
Carmilla burning in your veins,
Torn between temptation, terror,
Enslaved to me- this time forever.

Your betrayal easy to forget,
once chained in my arms again,
In my castle, on your knees...

You can't kill the dead,
I've come back for you,
Carmilla's returned.

Because I love you.
Track Name: Apocalips
Death has a smile, it's yours,
Divine walking end of the world,
Blasphemous unholy fire,
The danger is the desire.

Your lips, your lips,
your apocalips,
Kiss kill, kill kiss.
Your lips, your lips,
Your apocalips,
Let's burn the world tonight.

Tied to your altar, willing sacrifice,
Last wish, His primal knife,
Rain your voodoo down on me,
Rip the skies while loving me.

The end is nigh, they say,
Drop to your knees and pray,
A new god on His way,
Drop to my knees
And, pray...

Bring on the Apocalips,
I want His Apocalips,
I need His Apocalips,
I need...